Resources Albert G GG 1Are you interested in finding out what happened to a relative in 1914-1918? Or perhaps you would like to research a local war memorial or the men of a particular unit? There are a wealth of resources available to assist you with your research. We’ve listed some here that you may find helpful. The Oldham Pals 

On November 5, 1914 a special recruitment meeting was held at the Empire Theatre in Oldham to raise a battalion – and now exactly 100 years later the exhibition is being launched to tell the story of what this local battalion experienced in the trenches in France and Italy.

Along with the exhibition a new printed trail has been produced to guide people around Oldham town centre and the sites that have most relevance to the Pals.

Lives of the First World War
Help piece together the Life Stories of more than 8 million men and women who made a contribution during the First World War.

The Long, Long Trail
The Long, Long Trail is owned, designed, built and written by Chris Baker. He is a freelance military historian and battlefield guide, former Chairman of the Western Front Association and founder of the Great War Forum.

Oldham Historical Research Group – 1914-18 project
Looking back at those years and remembering the people of Oldham and the surrounding district who played their part.

Imperial War Museum North – First World War centenary
Learn about the First World War through the voices, photographs, letters and mementoes of those who were there. Explore history online, listen to our Voices of the First World War podcast series, discover the Whose Remembrance? project about colonial troops and check out our learning resources.
Find out more about participating in the global and local commemorations.
A list of events in your area

The Archive Team at Oldham Hulme Grammar School are currently researching the wartime activities of the school’s old-boys and old-girls.

Details of their research can be found at
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